It struck us a few days ago, but, Commander Cross Rosary and its Step-by-Step Rosary network have now, closed the wreath. (we never use the term circle as it is a freemasonary term).

Our first Step-by-Step version of the Rosary came into play in August 2015.

In January 2016, when we commenced our Saturday Rosary prayers, (our 250th Saturday in a row is the day before Palm Sunday 2021) we realized we needed to improve our prayer structure. Our Lady of the Rosary has been kind to us and guided us through the years of development of the Step-by-Step version. 

By 2017, our Step-by-Step Rosary prayer package consisted of 16 pages. We had it in English, German, French, Swedish, Latin and Spanish.

By 2018, our "basic" version was 20 pages but all the Step-by-Step Rosary's were structured in a "format". By August 2018, we had a permission from a Princely family to use parts of its art collection. We then structured the Step-by-Step Rosary's in different versions.

The "free" version was something we could easily give away - for free.  Then we had a basic version which was quite simple. It continued with several versions building up the prayer material, still in a Step-by-Step format. 

In 2019, our own little community prayed, still every Saturday, our "Extended Step-by-Step Rosary" version.

By May 2019, we thought;

"This is it. It cannot improve any more, it is complete, it is ready to go into production!"... "but we should wait for the high quality photos ... but the material and structure is all set. Artwork is in place..." etc.

Shortly before we launched our first Step-by-Step Rosary website as an answer to the call from Cardinal Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, on Sept 13, 2019, our Step-by-Step Rosary prayer package consisted of 44 pages. 

In 2020, we realised that the results from the Amazon Synod; despite our now daily Rosary, our 40-days prayer program and fasting; it is going to be a rough ride.

Shortly before Palm Sunday, we released online, all for free (in three languages):

Shortly before the next 40-days fast and Rosary mission starting on Ash Wednesday 2021, the Wreath is closed:

Commander Cross Rosary starts its pure and simple and straight to the point Step-by-Step Rosary.

No fuzz - just straight to the point Rosary!

All the other Step-by-Step versions are strucured to be:

  • The Holy Hour Rosary.
  • The Holy Ghost Rosary (suitable for non-Catholics).
  • The Pentecost Rosary.
  • The Pentitent's Rosary.
  • The St John Baptist Advent & Rosary. (Fast during Advent season)
  • The St Joseph & Lent Rosary. (Fast during Lent)
  • The St Joseph the Worker Rosary.
  • The St Martin Fast & Penitence Rosary. (traditional Fast until Dec 21)

  • The 40-Days to Freedom from the Devil Rosary.
  • The various Battle Missions for "Australia" or "France" or "South Africa" or "USA" (sometimes created per request).

There are add-ons such as litanies, novenas, chaplets etc. and we have an annual prayer schedule.

Therefore, there is a need for a straight to the point Rosary without all the add-ons that we have included in our various Rosary's. 

Lockdowns were still in play in 2021, even though many countries eased up. We had come to a point where we felt that we had reached the finish line. We had more printed copies out in various sizes to test to see what worked. Our updates became more of "cosmetic" with a few occations with larger important changes. We were all in a country that did not lockdown. The police presence were minimum even if the police force tried to stop demonstrations. Gyms were open. Bars were open. Restaurants were open. We could actually commence our planning for 2022 in time to have a lot of material ready. 

There was a change politically, and immediately we could see that the government had waited to impose a wee tougher restrictions which it had failed earlier. 

Lucky for us, and for the world, the O-variant appeared, and it did not become as deadly as the government/s had hoped or planned for. We could see Austria introducing forced vaccination. Germany also wanted to force vaccinate its tax paying people. But, the UK not-so-prime-minister had been boozing and the UK failed to introduce another lockdown ...

The 40-day St. Martin fast (a traditional Fast until Dec 21) was a success as it was only our second year. 

And then, 2022, a year in which we were at the finish line, with some slight amendments but all products were in order. We had quite cleary two different products that previous year were three. Our consequtive "300-saturday-rosaries" booklet led us the way. We went back to our roots, and came up with a retro-edition. 

Commander Cross Rosary and the Battlefield Rosary decided to join forces and will merge its products during the year. We had clients in France, the US and in Sweden. Our patron was invited to give presentations. We went from a "data-collecting" entity to start getting out and talk with priests and parish priests. Booklets were printed and handed out for people to test. The season of Lent invited us to our now standard-fasting and March 25, (or the week before) gave us a surprise with the Pope Francis I having decided that Russia was to consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary together with Ukraine. 

It was an exiting day to spend in prayers for a successful consecration.

On the birthday of Virgin Mary, Sept. 8, we believe we cracked the code concerning the "O my Jesus ... prayer and its location or more so, the reason for the location. This has been bothering us for several years.