During Advent- and Christmas season, we only pray the Joyful mysteries. 


Bishop Athanasius Schneider asked for more Knights to join the battle, already in 2019.

Let us pray the Rosary, daily, and in community!

The actual Rosary prayers follow the great Catholic tradition and

how Cardinal Leo Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider prays it in Latin.

We have no intention of inventing the wheel, again ...

and we try to piggy-back on the ones who are spiritual leaders, current and past,

caring for our souls to come to Heaven, instead of Hell.

Not all our work is seen in our website, even though we really want to. There has been a tremendous work behind the scenes sorting out many old questions.

1. Pray "O my Jesus ..." after the Mystery, according to Our Lady of Fatima. 

But what then constitutes a mystery? 

This question is now sorted and we have an answer. This answer is yet to be published into our website. We need to make more adjustments which takes some time. And, this is nothing revolutionary. 

There has been extensive research for many years. We could have done like the rest of the world does, but it correlated into the second question. 

2. How do you meditate while praying the Rosary?

How do you avoid making your Rosary prayer a mechanical repetitive prayer? This has been a question developing while praying and being stubborn to continue finding a solution. The tools are in place, let us see how it develops.

3) The "new" format of the actual Rosary prayers follow both Cardinal Leo Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneiders way of praying it in Latin.

We follow the Catholic tradition of learning. Now, anyone can do it, and even if we did it three years ago, it would not answer our first two questions. It would just be the mechanical prayer.

It has been in our booklets for quite a long time but it is now also moving into our web-community.  Pope Francis I called all Catholics in  Sept 30, 2018 to finish your Rosary prayers with Sub Tuum and the Archangel St. Michael prayers.

We are now implementing it all through our Step-by-Step community partners.

Below follow some of various bits and pieces of how or why our Step-by-Step Rosary is what it is . Of course, through being open and generous, which is a decision we took in March 2020 when the church buildings were locked, it is a risk we we are willing to take. This is not about money for us. This is what we believe our vocation and love to our Lady. It is for people who have suffered. It is for the souls in purgatory. People, friends and family members who died alone during lockdowns.