Our Spiritual Colonels; Father Richard Heilman, Father James Altman and Father William Peckman

are now leading us and some 77,000 US Grace Force members into a new battle:

40-days to Freedom from the Devil July 2021

Please join us and the US Grace Force in our daily 40-days to Freedom from the Devil Rosary!

It is run by our Step-by-Step partner, the Battlefield Rosary which per our request added all the recommended prayers, novena, chaplet and lithany into one package. as well as attached it into our daily Rosary.

This is our third 40-days to Freedom from the Devil battle since July 2020. 

We are in difficult times with priests being cancelled and shut down by their bishops for speaking the Truth and for saving Souls. If you have not yet understood what is going on, it is time to wake up.

Please, get your fellow Knights, your friends and other men to join us in our daily prayers:

40-days to Freedom from the Devil July 2021


The Commander Cross Rosary will commence fasting on top of to our daily prayers as well.

The Commander Cross "Knights in Obedience Crusade Rosary" is part of the Step-by-Step Rosary community and have a focus on prayers in Latin which is the Church language, which is then a sacred language and therefore a language the Evil one hates.

Latin is also the language that unite all Catholics in prayers, worldwide. 

That is also the reason why most of our Step-by-Step versions include Latin.

We are aware of loads of organisations using the term knights, and Bishop Athanasius Schneider asks for more knights in the spirtual battle. The Commander Cross Knights in Obedience Crusade Rosary is for the knights who do pray, the knights who feel or know that they are in Obedience to God. 

It is of no disrespect to organisations using the term knights or to people who are members of such organisations. 

  • We know what it means to be a Knight and to carry a Cross - or to carry more than one Cross.
  • We know the importance of being in Obedience to our LORD.
  • We know how it is being a human being and being abandoned by your friends or families.
  • We know from experience of cancel culture, of character assassinations, of being isolated.
  • We know the greatness of going back to basics and to pray the Rosary.

We know the strength to be in a community ... to be in a prayer group. 

We know the importance of the Armor of God and Armor of Light!

We know the importance of prayers for our good and honest Cardinals, Bishops and Priests

who all need our support to stand against wickedness!

"The family that prays together stays together.

The Holy Rosary, by age-old tradition, has shown itself particularly effective

as a prayer which brings the family together. "

Pope JP II, Rosarium Virginis Mariae 

From Karl Rahner’s Studies in Modern Theology 

(Herder, 1965, pp. 394-395) under the subtitle:  A Distinction: Legal and Moral Norms

"Imagine that the Pope, as supreme pastor of the Church, issued a decree today requiring all the uniate churches of the Near East to give up their Oriental liturgy and adopt the Latin rite….The Pope would not exceed the competence of his jurisdictional primacy by such a decree, but the decree would be legally valid.

But we can also pose an entirely different question. Would it be morally licit for the Pope to issue such a decree? Any reasonable man and any true Christian would have to answer “no.” Any confessor of the Pope would have to tell him that in the concrete situation of the Church today such a decree, despite its legal validity, would be subjectively and objectively an extremely grave moral offense against charity, against the unity of the Church rightly understood (which does not demand uniformity), against possible reunion of the Orthodox with the Roman Catholic Church, etc., a mortal sin from which the Pope could be absolved only if he revoked the decree.

From this example one can readily gather the heart of the matter. It can, of course, be worked out more fundamentally and abstractly in a theological demonstration:

1. The exercise of papal jurisdictional primacy remains even when it is legal, subject to moral norms, which are not necessarily satisfied merely because a given act of jurisdiction is legal. Even an act of jurisdiction which legally binds its subjects can offend against moral principles.

2. To point out and protest against the possible infringement against moral norms of an act which must respect these norms is not to deny or question the legal competence of the man possessing the jurisdiction."

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