We Do NOT Abandon Our Mother Church  

- important call to all men -

Pray the Rosary!

During Advent and Christmas season, we will pray the Joyful Rosary all through.

We had planned to update the website for a while but it has not happened. There are some key-changing parts that needed to be in place before any update could take place.

On top of those points, now believed to be solved, there are now a few key points we need to add to our current situation. The "headlines" are shortly mentioned here below, rather than at the end:

  1. Diabolical dissorientation.
  2. Seven deadly sins are the new world order.
  3. Natural order and hiearchy.
  4. Fasting is removed from an important section of the scripture.
  5. Pray the Rosary.
    1. We pray the Rosary like Cardinal Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider does in Latin.
    2. We offer Latin for the ones who wants to have it available, simply because it is a holy language. It was one of three languages nailed on the Cross.
    3. Our father, Hail Mary and the Doxology are all each considered a mystery. Not only the scripture is a mystery. Hence, why the Fatima prayer, O my Jesus... is at the end of the decade.
    4. Meditation makes the Rosary a non-mechanical prayer. 
  6. Teaching and head of family.
  7. Load up with exorcised tools. We are against an ancient enemy, and we have ancient weapons.
  8. Schedule your daily prayer life. The Rosary ought to be prayed every day. We offer short and longer versions.


In Aug/Sept 2019, the Commander Cross Rosary website were based on two things:

  1. H.E Bishop Athanasius Schneider requested more knights to step up in the current spiritual war.
  2. H.E. Cardinal Leo Burke and H.E. Bishop Athanasius Schneider requested prayers before the Amazon Synod.

If we move from Aug/Sept 2019 to the end of 2022, our Step-by-Step structure has developed over this period of time,

but more so, questions from 2017 and onwards have been answered.

Today, we barely remember the introduction of idolatry at the Amazon Synod and few are involved in the today's so called Synod of Synodality. It is also clear today that the current Pope is steering the Church in a different direction.

This is recently eloquently put by Cardinal Gerhard Müller an attack on the Church:

"the synodal process as a “hostile takeover” of the Church that threatens to “end” Catholicism"

We are now in a diabolical dissorientation where everything now is an up-side-down structure. There is a thick smoke-screen in place building a new distorted order, where the the seven deadly sins are in place instead of the seven virtues. And, many people are awake! Many people have realized that this is the new world order.

The attack on the Church, quite well illustrated above, is an image leaning back to our dedicated Step-by-Step Rosary work searching for solutions to questions.

Our founder, leading our Step-by-Step website community, a former Knight of the Order of Malta,  reacted to the call from Bishop Athanasius Schneider in 2019 asking for more knights in the fight.

He had left the Order, for many personal reasons, but also because it had failed its mission; to protect the Faith. 

The Step-by-Step Rosary is now entering a new stage of our work. Our patron believes that the new structure is the way to the Cross.

The new order is based on the good Catholic tradition of learning, and it is the way we are going to pray the Rosary through our community. And the more our Rosary community grows, the more people pray the same prayers.


Put on the armor of God, put on the armor of Light and pray.

The Holy Rosary, by age-old tradition, has shown itself particularly effective

as a prayer which brings the family together.

  • But how to do you pray it if you do not know how to pray it?

There is a missing piece, truly a missing piece which seems to be deliberately removed from many bibles. And, looking at ourselves, it becomes quite obvious that this missing piece, deliberately was removed from our own Catholic upbringing too. 

Matt 17:20 in Vulgate (which may be Matt 17:21) in other Bibles:

"hoc autem genus non eicitur nisi per orationem et ieiunium"

"But this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting."

Mark 9:28 in Vulgate (which may be Mark 9:29) in other Bibles:

"et dixit illis hoc genus in nullo potest exire nisi in oratione et ieiunio"

"And he said to them: This kind can go out by nothing, but by prayer and fasting."

Please do check your standard online Bible, and your printed copy if these two selections have been tampered with. The Commander Cross Rosary research often starts with going through books around 1910, to keep it consistant but also that it is shortly after the "Rosary-Pope", Leo XIII and the changes Pius X implemented.

This above secion in the Bible concerns the disciples who failed to cast out demons, maybe with some pride around the task too, and they asked our Lord of why they failed.

"And he said to them: ..."

This means that the word and meaning "Fast" was given to us from our Lord as a mean against evil. If it was removed by a person, who made the decision? We do not know when it was removed.

There are some footnotes stating that the Matt 17:29 is similar to Mark 9:29 and therefore was "considered" to have been added afterwards, hence removed today. But, if the sentence exist in the Vulgate, why removed from "modern" Bibles?

Why not see it as part of our defense?

We, as lay people are not involved in any exorcism. We should NOT even enter that area either. That is related to special priests. Therefore, we have to be causious and why not listen to the excellent Father Chad Ripperger.

On Nov. 12, 2022, the 40-days St. Martin fast commenced.

This is only our third year doing this old traditional 40-day fast linked to St. Martin of Tours. And, already in October, we start prepare our mind that it will soon start. So, yes, we look forward to do it today. It is a wonderful period leading up and through the Advent season into the Christmas season. It ends on Dec. 21.

It took some time to put it together, to give it a structure and at the same time, it is also individually linked. We can only offer our  decided structure, which at the same time is individually focused.

This is not a sugar detox, it is not a diet. We are not going to be the gringe at a dinner party. We are not going to be the party pooper.

The key words are moderation vs. excessive.

Here are some examples:

  • Wednesdays and Fridays are non-meat products. The standard weekly abstinence. Today, none of us have a problem with it, all through the year. If meat is served at an occasion, we do the best we can about it and we are not going to embarress the host or hostess. There are 365 days a year.
    And, with many modern daughters believing in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, why not tell them that you are going to offer two days to God for them, and let them cook their meal for you.

  • During any lent; Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays would be appropriate to observe as days of abstinence without fast. Saturdays are separately an appropriate day to fast in honor of our Lady.

    Trust me, there are loads of excellent food without meat and you have five days to eat meat. Personally, we try to eat as much game as possible. 

  • Try to avoid all sugar products.
    If you "must" eat a cookie, eat a cookie. Not the whole box.

  • At a restaurant, skip the dessert.
  • Eating at home, forget 3 helpings. 1 plate IS enough.
  • This is not the muslim Ramadam where you do not eat during the day. You must eat to function.
  • A glas of beer, or wine. Fine. Not the entire bottle.

    Exercise is good for your - but it does not have to be "at the gym". 
  • Why not walk the dog for an hour? Good for you and good for the dog.
  • If you can ride a bicycle to work or walk to your office, why not give it a go.
  • Going to the gym, excellent, but, again, you can play golf, walk, park the car at the end of the car park and walk to the front. Again, this is not do over-do things.

    If you are fit, good for you. Then add other goals such as spend time with your family, help your grown up children with things. Baby-sit, walk their dog. Or, get out of the office.

  • Ditch the TV after a decided hour. 
  • Ditch the excessive online use, the excessive shopping. Turn off your mobile device at a certain hour.

  • Your fasting is linked to make a sacrifice or an offer. You know what you want or need to make a sacrifice to our Lord during the fast.

Our Rosary community crew went from "never heard of the 40-days St. Martin fast" to realizing that there are actually several.

Many also exist during the entire year, so you can create your own variants. How strict do you want to take it - is up to you. We are into our third year and most of us are happy approaching it. Some have decided to be more strict towards certain items on the list. And, this is a game changer for us in the long run to sacrifice something to our Lord. Prayers is a must, but, against, it takes time to build your daily prayer schedule, in particularly if you are leading your family in prayers. The earlier you implement how the family pray together, the better it is. But, it is better to start, than to blame it on your past.

We know how it is to be married to a non-catholic, or a "less practising Catholic". We also know how deep local traditions are and there is no need to cause a stir among the extended family. We are peace-makers or peace-keepers as soldiers of Christ. It takes time to change, and the change may come in another generation.

Our lives must be centered on God.

  • St. Martins Lent, (which we call 40-days St. Martin Fast) or the Quadragesima Sancti Martini.
  • The Advent lent (also called "little lent") can start with the first Sunday in Advent.
  • The Nativity Fast
  • Lent or Easter Lent which starts on AshWednesday.
  • Ember days (four times a year for three days) and the Vigil of the Immaculate Conception.

    or why not,
  • St. John the Baptist birthday Fast June 13-24.
  • Assumption fasting, Aug 1-13.

On Dec 20, the four days of obligatory abstinence commence so our fast and the abstinence goes hand in hand up to Christmas Eve.

And, not to forget,

Midnight Mass which ought to start at midnight, is the Mass for the Angels,

the morning Mass is for the shepherds,

and finally, the Christmas Day Mass; the King's Mass.

Do remember that the words 'Prayer and Fast' were removed from you and your family in the fight against evil.

Again, we can only speak for ourselves, but it becomes embarrasing when we have realized that we are (were) poorly trained until recently. How can you defend yourself, your family against evil, if you do not have the right weapons with you, loaded with the right ammunition? 

Is your Rosary properly blessed? 

Do you have a Rosary that you like to use?

Are the medallions properly blessed?

What is the definition of "properly blessed". We all agree that when you see a true Father blessing your medals, statues, Crucifixes, icons, candles, spices, herbs, salt, water, gold or myrrh, then you also realize that there is an ancient procedure of how it ought to be blessed. 

How about your 

  • Exorcised salt,
  • Exorcised water,
  • Candles,
  • Gold and myrrh.

There are certain days during the year, when certain items can be exorcised/blessed with a much stronger blessing.

Every priest should tell its flock and in advance.

How come, or why, is this not a clear practise by priests or bishops?

The priest ought to address all the fathers in the community, about the items that must be ready to be blessed.

All the fathers and husbands must make sure that your spiritual rescue bag is packed with the items needed.

It takes time to build your prayer life. That is why we offer our Rosary in a structure of a Step-by-Step version. 

The antiphone in the Breviarium on Nov. 22:

"Dum auróra finem daret, Cæcília exclamávit dicens: Eia, mílites Christi, abícite ópera tenebrárum et induímini arma lucis."

“As dawn was fading into day, Cecilia cried and said:

Arise, soldiers of Christ,
throw away the works of darkness
and put on the armour of light.”



O MARY, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.


O Maria, sine labe concépta, ora pro nobis qui ad te confúgimus.


O MARIA sine labe concépta, ora pro nobis, qui confúgimus ad te.


The Raccolta, ed. 1910

The Pope’s intention always includes the following objects:

i. The progress of the Faith and triumph of the Church.

ii. Peace and union among Christian Princes and Rulers.

iii. The conversion of sinners.

iv. The uprooting of heresy.

Our Mother Church is larger

The Church is supernatural. It is not an organisation.

The Holy Mother Church is greater than the Pope, than the Cardinals or Bishops. They are all members of the Church.

Keep the Faith

This is the victory that overcomes the world, our Faith.

It is a Divine Faith, it is not a human Faith.

We do not leave the Church because the Church is our Mother.